Magyar Íj Alapítvány

The goal of jurisdiction: to judge and keep register of the Hungarian bows made of natural materials and are complying the described Hungarikum parameters, and to judge and keep register of the Hungarian bows made of modern materials and are complying the described Hungarikum parameters. With this, we would like to provide help to the bow makers, distributors and bow users, to be able to make difference between the juried bows and those similar bows, which can not be called Hungarian.

I. Subject of jurisdiction

  1. Under the term HUNGARIAN BOW we mean those bows (replicas), which - based on our current knowledge - comply with all parameters of the 9-11th century horn-stringed Hungarian bows.
  2. Under the term HUNGARIAN SHAPED BOWS we mean those bows, which - based on our current knowledge - comply with the dimensions of the 9-11th century Hungarian bow, except for the materials and method of crafting. (Meaning: modern material Hungarian bows.)
    1. Under the term unique HUNGARIAN SHAPED BOW we mean that HUNGARIAN SHAPED BOW, which was fabricated based on a specific archeological finding.
    2. Under the term HUNGARIAN SHAPED BOWSET we mean those bows, which are fabricated based on a juried HUNGARIAN SHAPED BOW and comply the parameters below:

      1. The same bows of the same bow maker count as part of the set when all the bows in all aspects (appearance, size, ratio, material, method of fabrication, ornamentation) comply with the bow handed in for jurisdiction.
      2. The bows complying point 'i', but differing the following parameters may be counted as part of the set as well:
        • different pulling force,
        • different coloring and/or covering of the different parts of the bows.

      II. Basis of jurisdiction

      The jurisdiction is based on the documentation of the Hungarikum petition.

      Further information: parts of the Hungarian bowparameters of the Hungarian bow.

      III. Time of the jurisdiction

      The HUNGARIAN BOW jurisdiction takes place at least once, the HUNGARIAN SHAPED BOW jurisdiction takes part at least twice a year, in the time and place as announced on the website of the Hungarian Bow Foundation.

      IV. Process of the jurisdiction

      1. The jurisdiction of the Hungarian Bow of the Hungarian Shaped Bow can be initiated by either the maker or the owner of the bow.
      2. The jurisdiction of the Hungarian Bow set may be initiated by the maker only.
      3. The jurisdiction can be initiated by at least fourteen (14) days before the jurisdiction, on the website of the Foundation through Service > Jurisdiction > Forms by filling out and sending the corresponding form.
      4. In case of deficiency on the form or unclear information, the Foundation may ask for rectification once, with due of three (3) days via email. In case of unsuccessful ratification the application may be refused.
      5. The Foundation sends confirmation email about the arrival of forms and rectification, and the applier is informed about the decision if his/her bow, after pre-judgement, may participate in jurisdiction or is refused.
      6.  In case of application accepted for jurisdiction, the applier is required to download a statement available here, which needs to be signed and send via postal letter to the Foundation's postal address so that it arrives seven (7) days before jurisdiction.
      7. The bow is needed to be given in at the place and on the day of jurisdiction until the deadline of registration.
      8. The jurisdiction of Hungarian Bows and Hungarian Shaped Bows are judged by different juries, their members are defined by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation.

      V. The fee of jurisdiction

      1. Jurisdictional fee of Hungarian Bow or Hungarian Shaped Bow: 1 500 HUF, Jurisdictional fee of Hungarian Shaped Bow set: 20 000 HUF. (The Foundation is subjectively VAT-free.)
      2. The fee has to be transferred to the bank account of Hungarian Bow Foundation 62100119 - 11041087 within three (3) days after the arrival of form receipt confirmation email. Regarding the transaction, the comment written in the confirmation needed to be written.
      3. The invoice regarding the jurisdiction will be handed over to the initiator at the jurisdiction.

      VI. Result of the jurisdiction

      1. In case of positive judgement the bow is given a jurisdictional number.
      2. The format of HUNGARIAN BOW jurisdictional number: MI/year(
      3. The format of HUNGARIAN SHAPED BOW jurisdictional number: MFI/year(
      4. On the bow provided with jurisdictional number the corresponding trademark of the Hungarian Bow Foundation may be placed, in case the trademark authorized person signs the contract with the Hungarian Bow Foundation regarding the trademark use.
      5. In case of refusing judgement of the jury, one may apply for revision to the Hungarian Bow Foundation within seven (7) days. The Board of Trustees makes decision within fourteen (14) days after the arrival of revision application.

      VII. Register and publicity

      1. The parameters and a photo of all bows provided with jurisdictional number are posted on the website of the Foundations, as well as the name of the bow maker and/or owner, so that anyone may check the reality and origin of a bow's jurisdiction. Accepting this is a prerequisite of jurisdiction.
      2. Regarding the bows provided with jurisdictional number, the Foundation may register the information below.
        1. the name, address, website (if there is one), email address and/or phone number or the bow maker and/or owner  the name of the bow,

        2. the jurisdictional number,
        3. size and data of the bow,
        4. the measured values during the examination of the bow (if there is any),
        5. the picture of the bow (photos, graphics, videos),
        6. information regarding trademark use.


      The Hungarian Bow Foundation is not responsible and does not provide guarantee for the quality, usability and safety of the bows provided with jurisdictional number. The jurisdictional number is verifying credibility of the bows at the time of judgement.